Quotable Quotes


Quotable Quotes


Executive Director of IJ’s Arizona Chapter Tim Keller: “Both development and redevelopment occur every day in Arizona and across the nation without the use of eminent domain . . . .

Unfortunately the developers and cities and towns no longer know how to negotiate. They go in and they declare, ‘We need every single parcel here,’ and they don’t make any exception.”


IJ Staff Attorney Jeff Rowes: “What we want is where our clients can own a funeral home just like any other business.”



Executive Director of IJ’s Minnesota Chapter Lee McGrath: “Minnesota has entered the Internet age, and these wineries can accept Internet orders and deliver product directly to consumers.”



Syndicated Columnist George Will:Kelo demonstrated that anyone who owns a modest home or small business owns it only at the sufferance of a local government that might, on a whim of rapacity, seize it to enrich a more attractive potential taxpayer. ”


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