Empowering D.C. Parents To Fight

 October 2008


Empowering D.C. Parents To Fight for Their Children's Futures

D.C. voucher activist Virginia Walden Ford (above) and IJ Assistant Director of Communications Bob Ewing (below) discuss the benefits of D.C.’s scholarship program with parents.

By Bob Ewing

More than 1,000 parents crowded into a downtown high school gymnasium in Washington, D.C.  They came from all over the city, but shared a common purpose:  ensuring that their children continue to receive a quality education.  The Opportunity Scholarship Program empowers about 2,000 kids to attend quality schools of their parents’ choosing.  Congress is now debating whether to continue the program.

The Institute for Justice works with these parents, teaching them how to effectively communicate with politicians and members of the media.  Forums like these provide a voice for those who matter most:  parents.

Consider Joe Kelly, a single father who is an inspiration to his community.  Joe is well-known across the city as an engaged father who wants nothing more than to see his four children develop into healthy, responsible adults.  His kids currently benefit from Opportunity Scholarships, but may be forced into failing government schools if the program is discontinued.

By understanding how to win in the court of public opinion, parents like Joe are one step closer to securing the bright futures for their children that have been made possible by school choice.  Every step of the way, they will have the full support of the Institute for Justice.

Bob Ewing is the Institute’s assistant director of communications. 

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