Challenging the Ban on Compensating Bone Marrow Donors - Press Conference (October 28, 2009)

Challenging the Ban on Compensating Bone Marrow Donors - Press Conference (October 28, 2009)

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The Institute for Justice is always looking for new ways to promote the message of freedom.

To that end, IJ produced the following videos in-house to tell the stories of our clients and their fight for individual liberty.

None of this — the cases or these videos — would be possible without the continued generosity of our donors.

We hope you enjoy them and share them with those who need a little inspiration.

 Saving Lives (2:49)
Every year, 1,000 Americans die because they cannot find a matching bone marrow donor. Minorities are hit especially hard. Common sense suggests that offering modest incentives to attract more bone marrow donors would be worth pursuing, but federal law makes that a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.
 Free to Design (3:27)
A small group of well-funded industry insiders led by the American Society of Interior Designers has been relentless in its pursuit of ever more restrictive laws. Studies have shown that interior design regulations result in higher prices, less variety, and fewer employment opportunities, especially for minorities and older mid-career switchers.
 San Tan Flat & The Fight Against Arbitrary Government Power (3:07)
How arbitrary has government power grown?  Take a listen to the Saga of San Tan Flat—the Arizona steakhouse where the government tried to ban outdoor dancing.
 Andrea Weck & School Choice (3:51)
Why is school choice important? Let school choice mom and IJ client Andrea Weck tell you in her own words
 Karen Sampson & Free Speech (3:56)
Think you have a right to speak out freely in elections?  As IJ client Karen Sampson will tell you, you better think again!
 Lori Ann Vendetti & Property Rights (4:29)
Your home is your castle, right?  Well, maybe not, as IJ client Lori Ann Vendetti explains.
 The Story of Susette Kelo (11:00)
Let us briefly take you through IJ client Susette Kelo's historic fight against eminent domain abuse.
 The Story of Randy Bailey (9:10)
Wanna cheer for a regular guy who became a national champion for freedom? Watch brakeshop owner and IJ client Randy Bailey fight for his (and all of our) property rights.


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