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  • November 16, 2021    |   Private Property

    Ohio Warrantless Inspections

    Small Business Owner Sues to Stop Ohio’s “Whenever, Wherever” Inspections

    Jeremy Bennett built his taxidermy and deer processing business from the ground up. After teaching himself the craft in high school, he slowly grew his business from a part-time gig into a flourishing business through hard work and quality workmanship. He even designed and built, by hand, the two-story shop that houses his taxidermy and…

  • November 10, 2021    |   Private Property

    Indiana Civil Forfeiture Class Action

    In many counties, private lawyers prosecute civil forfeiture cases—and take a cut of the money

    In 2019, Tyson Timbs and his Land Rover made nationwide headlines with a U.S. Supreme Court victory that spotlighted the state of Indiana as ground zero for forfeiture abuse. For over eight years, the state of Indiana fought to take Tyson’s most valuable asset—a legally purchased vehicle—based on a low-level drug crime. The Indiana Supreme…

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