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Welcome to Liberty in Action, the Institute for Justice’s activism program. Through our efforts, we have successfully defended over 16,000 properties from eminent domain abuse at the grassroots—and counting. We also advocate on behalf of entrepreneurs, activists and families, to vindicate their rights to economic liberty, free speech, property rights and educational choice.

We welcome you to join our efforts and stand on the frontlines in the fight for liberty with us. Liberty in Action members receive alerts with opportunities to take action in their state and monthly updates about IJ’s activities.

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On our home page, you will see opportunities to take action in your state. On our blog, we report on outrageous abuses of government power. Check out our resources page for a list of reports, research and protest materials to help you become an effective advocate for you cause. And of course, if you’re a victim of government power, we encourage you to report abuse through this website so we can assess how we can help you.

Why activism? Because the chance to succeed shouldn’t depend on one’s wealth, politics, race or zip code. But every day, special interests convince the government to limit the ability to start a business, prevent parents from getting their kids a quality education, silence voters and seize private property.

The Institute for Justice advocates for the rights of these victims of government power at the grassroots. Through local trainings, we meet activists where they’re at, organize them into groups and develop tailored grassroots, media and legislative campaigns. Through public demonstrations, we raise awareness and rally support for our cause. And through research, we demonstrate to elected officials that our approach to government power makes sound policy that promotes individual responsibility, economic growth, a freer America and a brighter tomorrow.

We hope you’ll join our efforts today!

-- Christina Walsh

Christina Walsh is the Director of Activism & Coalitions at the Institute for Justice

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