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The Institute for Justice is America's premier libertarian public interest law firm. IJ pursues cutting-edge litigation on behalf of individuals whose most basic rights are denied by the State-rights like economic liberty, private property rights, free speech, and equal protection of our laws. IJ sues the government when it stands in the way of people trying to earn an honest living, when it takes away individuals' property, when bureaucrats (not parents) control the education of children, when government stifles speech, and when public institutions classify individuals based on race.

But with the relentless growth of government, it is beyond the capacity of any single organization to protect individual liberties. That's why IJ trains effective advocates for liberty not only for today's battles, but for those of tomorrow as well.


Each year, the Institute for Justice brings dozens of the nation's brightest and most motivated law students and undergraduates to Washington, train them in the unique skills of effective public interest advocacy. Select law students participate in the Institute's annual Law Student Conference, held each July at the George Washington University. Still others work as law clerks or interns or volunteer in concert with their legal studies. Once trained, these advocates become integral members of the Institute's Human Action Network-a nationwide talent bank of effective advocates for liberty.


Policy Activists Conference
Over the years, IJ has trained dozens of policy activists from across the nation who want to learn a new way to change the world. By attending the Institute for Justice's Policy Activist Conference on Public Interest Litigation, these free-market advocates learned how the tactics of public interest law can advance their organizations' goals.

IJ's Policy Activist Conference uniquely joins the thought-filled policy world with the activism of public interest law. These participants then file new public interest legal challenges that roll back government power and strengthen individual rights.

Attendees range from broad-based state-based think tanks to single-issue groups. They represent policy organizations from Seattle to New York, and Michigan down to Texas, many of whom are the sole voice for liberty in their states.

The Policy Activist Conference offers participants an overview of the history of public interest laws, as well as tactical sessions on selecting a case, and arguing that case in the court of public opinion. They also have an opportunity to share information on specific cases and administration.

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Human Action Network
Alumni of the Institute for Justice's law student conference and clerk and intern programs comprise a group of uniquely trained legal advocates known as the Human Action Network (HAN). HAN is now a nationwide talent bank, comprised of hundreds of IJ alumni who volunteer whenever opportunities arise to protect individual liberties. Members of HAN support IJ by assisting with numerous litigation and non-litigation activities including identifying and researching potential cases, serving as local counsel, authoring amicus briefs on our behalf, filing amicus briefs supporting IJ cases and litigating cases IJ is unable to litigate. HAN membership gives attorneys who are interested in IJ’s mission an outlet to help advance the rule of law in which individuals have control over their own destinies. 

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