Music Lessons Are Illegal In Music City, and That’s Not All

In February, the City of Nashville destroyed 63-year-old Pat Raynor’s home-based salon and her livelihood. Nashville is one of only a few cities in the country that prohibits home-based businesses from having clients visit the home. The law is so outrageous that in the Music City it is illegal to teach piano or guitar lessons in your home. Do the citizens of Nashville really believe that their government should be preventing ten-year-olds from learning to play chopsticks in someone’s living room?

 63-year-old Pat Raynor forced to move her  business from her home

Pat is not an outlier: more than 13,000 Nashvillians run small businesses out of their homes. These home-based businesses help families make ends meet and contribute 24 million dollars in tax revenue to the county. And up the road in Knoxville, fellow stay-at-home entrepreneur, Jacoyia Wakefield lost her livelihood as a daycare owner when her neighbors decided for her that her business qualified as a preschool.  

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If you are a home-based business owner who has been shut down by the city of Nashville, contact Garrett Atherton at the Institute for Justice:

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