This Land is MY Land


Norfolk wants to seize a thriving, 78-year-old business--Central Radio Company--through eminent domain.  Property owners Bob Wilson, Ed Dickinson and vice president Kelly Dickinson put up a sign on their building protesting the city's action...and officials are forcing them to take it down.

Enough is enough.  This Independence Day week, help us fight for property rights and free speech in Norfolk! 

Bring a picnic, a blanket, your family and friends, and join us at Central Radio Company for a rally for freedom, where we will help Bob, Ed and Kelly tell the city of Norfolk:  This Land is MY Land!

We will have posters and markers for you to make signs supporting Central Radio Company.  The Institute for Justice will also be providing light refreshments.

Speakers include:

Robert Dean, chairman, Tidewater Libertarian Party
Bob Wilson, co-owner, Central Radio Company
Christina Walsh, director of activism and coalitions, Institute for Justice
Pat Simon, chair, Portsmouth Taxpayer Alliance
Erica Smith, staff attorney, Institute for Justice
Keith Freeman, chairman, Hampton Roads Tea Party
David Bartholomew, chairman, The Conservative Coalition
David Dwyer, chairman, Norfolk Tea Party
Petey Browder, membership chairman, Tidewater Libertarian Party
Al Shriner, communications director, Chesapeake Taxpayer Alliance
Waverly Woods, chairman, Virginia Beach Tea Party Affiliate



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Bob, Ed and Kelly have a First Amendment right to protest government action, and the Institute for Justice is representing them in their challenge to the city’s sign code.  For more information, please visit


This event is co-hosted by:

Institute for Justice
Hampton Roads Tea Party
Chesapeake Taxpayer Alliance
Portsmouth Taxpayer Alliance
912 First Landing Patriots
Tidewater Libertarian Party
Chesapeake Tea Party
Norfolk Tea Party
Portsmouth Tea Party
Virginia Beach Tea Party
Virginia Property Rights Coalition

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