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Study on Barriers to Entrepreneurship

As The Wall Street Journal  recently noted, our country has reached a national consensus that welfare stifles individual initiative. It doesn't help that at the same time that governments are endorsing policies that encourage work, they are also keeping in place regulations and monopolies that discourage people from starting the kinds of small businesses that are often the first step toward self-reliance.

What you may not know, though is that the right to earn an honest living receives less legal protection than the "right" to receive a welfare check. As part of our nationwide campaign to restore constitutional protection for economic liberty, Institute for Justice attorneys have been in several cities across the country conducting research and analysis of licensing regimes and regulations that erect barriers to the pursuit of productive livelihoods.

Check out how these city and state governments stomp on the American Dream for those who need it the most!

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The Land Of 10,000 Lakes Drowns Entrepreneurs In Regulations

Entrepreneurship in The Emerald City: Regulations Cloud the Sparkle of Small Businesses (2004)

Burdensome Barriers: How Excessive Regulations Impede Entrepreneurship in Arizona (2004)

Baltimore: No Harbor For Entrepreneurs (1997)

Running Boston's Bureaucratic Marathon (1997)

Entrepreneurship in Charlotte: Strong Spirit, Serious Barriers (1997)

How Detroit Drives Out Motor City Entrepreneurs (1997)

Entrepreneurship in San Antonio: Much to Celebrate, Much to Fight For (1997)

Brightening the Beacon: Removing Barriers to Entrepreneurship in San Diego (1997)

Is New York City Killing Entrepreneurship? (1996)

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