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The Institute for Justice produces original research and its legal experts write reports to inform public policy debates on First Amendment issues. 

Strategic Research


Social science and policy research on IJ issues; often published and cited in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and other policy and legal publications

Full Disclosure: How Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws Fail to Inform Voters and Stifle Public Debate
By David M. Primo
October 2011

Keep Out! Campaign Finance Laws as Barriers to Entry
By Jeffrey Milyo
September 2010

Research Brief: What Does Research Say About Public Funding for Political Campaigns?
By David M. Primo
August 2010

Mowing Down the Grassroots: How Grassroots Lobbying Disclosure Suppresses Political Participation
Jeffrey Miylo
April 2010

Locking Up Political Speech: How Electioneering Communications Laws Stifle Free Speech and Civic Engagement
By Michael C. Munger
June 2009

Campaign Finance Red Tape:
Strangling Free Speech & Political Debate

By Jeffrey Milyo
October 2007

Disclosure Costs: Unintended Consequences of Campaign Finance Reform
By Dick M. Carpenter II
March 2007

Designed to Exclude: How Interior Design Insiders Use Government Power Exclude Minorities and Burden Customers
By David E. Harrington & Jaret Treber
February 2009

Designed to Mislead:  How Industry Insiders Mislead the Public About the Need for Interior Design Regulation
By Dick M. Carpenter II
September 2008

Misinformation and Interior Design Regulation: How Interior Design Cartel's Attack on IJ's Designing Cartels Misses the Mark
By Dick M. Carpenter II
July 2008

Designing Cartels: How Industry Insiders Cut Out Competition
By Dick M. Carpenter II
November 2007

Scholarly, Law Review and Policy Articles

Articles by IJ legal and policy experts
The Regulation of Grassroots Lobbying
William R. Maurer
Engage, Volume 11, Issue 1, March 2010

Politics for Professionals Only: Ballot Measures, Campaign Finance "Reform," and the First Amendment
Dick M. Carpenter, Jeffrey Milyo and John K. Ross
Engage, Volume 10, Issue 3, November 2009

Attack Ballot Issue Disclosure Root and Branch
Steve Simpson
Engage, Volume 10, Issue 3, November 2009

Mandatory Disclosure for Ballot Initiative Campaigns
Dick M. Carpenter
Independent Review, Volume 13, Number 4, Spring 2009 and the Paradox of Buckley v. Valeo
Paul Shreman
Engage, Volume 10, Issue 1, February 2009

Davis v. FEC and the Constitutionality of "Clean Elections" Systems
William R. Maurer and Timothy D. Keller
Engage, Volume 10, Issue 1, February 2009 

Regulation Through Titling Laws: A Case Study of Occupational Regulation
Dick M. Carpenter
Regulation and Governance, Volume 2, Issue 3, 2008

Designing Cartels Through Censorship
Dick M. Carpenter and John K. Ross
Regulation, Summer 2008



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