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Oregon Dairy Farmer Challenges Censorship of Raw Milk Advertising
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In Oregon, it was perfectly legal for Christine Anderson, owner of Cast Iron Farm, about an hour outside of Portland, to sell raw—that is, unpasteurized—milk . . . so long as she did not talk about it. That was because the state flatly banned the advertisement of this lawful product. That meant Christine was prohibited from putting flyers on the bulletin board of the local health food store or price information on her farm’s website. She was not even allowed to have a roadside sign at the farm saying, “We’ve Got Raw Milk.” In fact, engaging in such speech would have subjected Christine to a fine of $6,250 and civil penalties as high as $10,000—plus a year in jail.

Oregon’s censorship of truthful commercial speech harmed farmers and consumers alike. Consumers, who increasingly seek out raw milk for its unique taste and nutritional benefits, had an incredibly difficult time finding the product because farmers were not free to promote it. Farmers were also forbidden from promoting the safety and testing measures they undertake in producing their milk, and consumers, in turn, were deprived of the ability to know exactly how a farmer’s milk was produced. Oregon’s ban resulted in a market where the free flow of information from farmer to consumer was not only impeded, but outlawed.

Oregon’s farmers have a constitutional right to promote the products they offer. That is why the Institute for Justice joined with Christine to take on Oregon’s dairy censors. On November 19, 2013, they filed a First Amendment challenge in federal court to strike down Oregon’s raw milk advertising ban so that farmers could freely and proudly speak about the wonderful products they have to offer. The case was part of IJ’s National Food Freedom Initiative (view our Minnesota Cottage Food case and our Florida Veggies case).

On February 13, 2014, Oregon backed down. The director of the state’s Department of Agriculture issued a directive ordering Department personnel not to enforce the advertising ban and agreed to urge the legislature to repeal it. The legislature, in turn, repealed the ban in May 2015. Because of Christine’s courageous stand for free speech, Oregon farmers are now free to promote their products.


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Backgrounder: Got Free Speech?  Oregon Dairy Farmer Challenges Censorship of Raw Milk Advertising

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Latest Release: Oregon Farmers Now Free to Advertise Raw Milk (May 13, 2015) Press conference video (November 19, 2013)

Launch Release: Oregon Farmer Challenges Ban on Raw Milk Advertising (November 19, 2013)

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Complaint filed (November 19,2013)

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November 19, 2013

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U.S District Court for the District of Oregon



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 Current Court: U.S District Court for the District of Oregon


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Release: Oregon Farmer Wins Case Challenging Raw Milk Advertising Ban (February 13, 2014)

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