Rosie’s Weenie Woes in Englewood

Rosie D’Rivera’s eye-popping blue Weenie Wagon offers tasty hot dogs and fantastic condiments, including pineapple habanero sauce, kimchi, black beans, chili, and cactus. But Rosie, a former graphic designer with Liz Claiborne in Manhattan, cannot earn an honest living in Englewood, New Jersey.


The city of Englewood, an upscale town in New Jersey, forces mobile vendors to move every 15 minutes, which defeats the point of mobility. The city had ignored the law for years, but a story that praised Rosie’s entrepreneurial drive caught the attention of her customers and the local authorities. A day after the story was published, local police came to the Weenie Wagon and demanded that she move.

Rosie is not one to sit on her hands: she tried to convince city council to update its old law. In December, the city tried to pass an “updated” food truck law that would have banned Rosie from public property and would have required her to pay $250 to park on private property. IJ sent the city council a stern letter, arguing that the new law was protectionist and unconstitutional, and city council tabled the bill. The old 15-minute law is back and Rosie can’t really work as a result.

Take action now: tell Englewood’s city council to let Rosie get back to work and to reform its outdated laws. Enough already!


Click to meet Rosie and learn more about her ordeal 



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