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Five Development Proposals

National City’s land use updates include five “conceptual development proposals.”   The objectives and characteristics of each proposal are described in the project description section of the Environmental Impact Report. The five development proposals were previously adopted by the Planning Commission and City Council. They were re-adopted by the Planning Commission on January 9, 2012, and they will now be reconsidered at the City Council's public hearing on January 24, 2012. Below is a brief description of each proposal. If you have any comments—good or bad—about any of these proposals, include those comments in your oral or written testimony to the Planning Commission at the hearing on January 9.

Street Conversions/Community Corridors – This project is intended to make National City more walkable, enhance the “pedestrian environment” by adding green spaces and mini-parks, and calm traffic. This would be accomplished by closing portions of various streets near (1) Hoover Avenue south of 18th Street, (2) West Avenue between 16th Street and 18th Street, (3) Hoover Avenue between 22nd Street and Mile of Cars Way, (4) 12th Street east of Palm Avenue, (5) F Avenue between 18th Street and 19th Street, (6) Kimball Way at F Avenue, and (7) Q Avenue between La Posada Street and Delta Street. The closed streets would be used as recreational open spaces and parks.  Roadways would also be redesigned in order to calm traffic and increase pedestrian safety.

Senior Village Expansion – This project would expand the existing Senior Village multi-family residential complex to include 200 additional senior residential units up to 60 feet in height, as well as the construction of a medical office structure and a parking structure. The project site, which aims to be a “major senior housing community,” is located between 12th Street and 15th Street east of D Avenue.

Las Palmas Park and Facilities Vision Concept Plan – This project, located at the site of the existing Las Palmas Park and National City Municipal Golf Course, is intended to expand the community’s access to parks and recreation facilities. The project proposes to replace the existing park and golf course with 65 acres of recreational uses, including a soccer field, expanded playground, dog park, and new commercial space and associated parking. Construction is planned to begin in January 2013 and last approximately five years.

Kimball Park Master Plan – This project, located at the site of the existing Kimball Park, is also intended to expand the community’s access to parks and recreation facilities and would include plots for community gardens and a recreational trail along Paradise Creek.

El Toyon Park Master Plan – This project, located at the site of the existing El Toyon Park, is also intended to expand the community’s access to parks and recreational facilities. The proposal for this project includes a new fire station and community center, expanded playground facilities, community garden plots, and additional trails.



. LEGAL DISCLAIMER – The Institute for Justice currently represents the Community Youth Athletic Center in a challenge to National City’s 2007 redevelopment plan amendment.  It does not represent anyone else in National City.  This website is NOT offering legal advice or legal services.  This website is designed only as a resource to provide general information to the public.  It does not and cannot provide a recommendation of how these proposed new laws will specifically affect any particular person or what your legal options are.  After reading the information on this website, you may want to hire your own lawyer.  However, the information on this website should NOT be read as an offer of legal advice or legal services or as a guarantee or prediction about the outcome of any particular legal matter. .



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