Institute for Justice Named One of Metro D.C.'s Greatest Places to Work!


Institute for Justice Named One of Metro D.C.’s Greatest Places to Work!

Washingtonian magazine, the leading metropolitan Washington, D.C., monthly magazine, recently named the Institute for Justice as one of the top places to work. Along with touting IJ’s libertarian philosophy, the magazine also spotlighted the Institute for Justice’s important work litigating for liberty: “IJ represents clients who cannot represent themselves in cases involving libertarian pillars—property rights, school choice, economic liberty, and free speech. They have represented homeowners fighting eminent-domain seizure for private developers. IJ litigated a case before the Supreme Court that allowed New York residents to have wine shipped to them directly by wineries. IJ successfully represented a discount casket store that had been ordered shut by Tennessee’s Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers. A tombstone in the lobby reads TENNESSEE’S CASKET MONOPOLY—PUT TO REST AUGUST 21, 2000. People are passionate about causes and respect each other’s opinions.”


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