HAN Opportunities

Spring 2004

HAN Opportunities

Get Involved in Your States Freedom Fight!

Organizations and activists focused on defending individual liberty can be found in every state across the U.S. and run the gamut of political persuasions.  In addition to reaching out to our HAN members for help with IJ projects and potential cases, IJ works to provide networking opportunities and encouragement to our alumni to get involved in their states' policy battles on behalf of freedom.  You CAN defend liberty in your state, even with limited time to volunteer.

Many state think tanks and taxpayer organizations are focused on property rights, abuses of government power, school choice, economic liberty and free speech.  Also, think tanks and activist organizations often operate as non-profits with a very small army of dedicated staff or volunteers; they often seek help from like-minded people familiar with their state's laws and hot button issues.  Help can come in the form of writing articles or letters to the editor in local or national papers, research assistance, event coordination and myriad other ways.

Making contact with and assisting your state and local like-minded organizations can reap benefits both for your career and the freedom movement as a whole (make sure, of course, to review your firm's policies on volunteer and freelance work outside the office).  Below are just a few of the many networks of organizations fighting for freedom.  If you are interested in finding out more about your state's organizations or getting involved, visit these sites or contact us at general@ij.org.

State Policy Network: www.spn.org to contact your states free-market think tanks and organizations.

Policy Experts Directory:
(Click on U.S. Experts and search by state.)

National Taxpayers Union &
Americans for Tax Reform state activists:

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