Oklahoma Veterinary Practice Act

Oklahoma’s Veterinary Practice Act 

Does anyone dispute that America is the Land of Opportunity?

People around the world see America as the country that uniquely and most significantly rewards the most simple of human characteristics—initiative, hard work and perseverance. 

Despite this image, state legislatures across America are increasingly adopting occupational licensing laws at the request of trade associations whose members benefit from their barriers to entry.  In doing so, legislatures are recreating a legal system similar to the medieval guilds of continental Europe with special privileges for certain politically-preferred occupations. 

American state governments have increased the percentage of workers whom they license from 3% in the 1950’s to 29% today.  And with each license, comes a state agency that collects licensees’ dues and expends them enforcing broadly written practice acts to eliminate non-licensed competitors.

H.B. 3202, authored by Rep. Don Armes (R-Faxon) and Senator Mike Schulz (R-Altus) ends the monopoly that licensed veterinarians have over horse teeth floating and other animal husbandry practices in Oklahoma. 


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Press Release: Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry Signs Bill Freeing Horse Teeth Floaters (April 16, 2010)


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Press Release: Oklahoma House of Representatives Passes H.B. 3202 Freeing Horse Teeth Floaters (April 8, 2010)    
Press Release: Daily Oklahoman Advertisement by Veterinarians Signals Desperate Effort to Maintain Their Cartel Against Horse Teeth Floaters (March 29, 2010)    

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