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The Institute for Justice records regular podcasts featuring interviews with both IJ clients and attorneys. We discuss the principles we fight for as we advance a rule of law under which individuals can control their destinies as free and responsible members of society.
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Short Circuit Episode 007 (4/9/15)

When cops don’t know the law, a heartbreaking deportation case, and charity donation bins … that speak!

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Short Circuit Episode 006 (4/3/15)

A veterinarian’s free speech rights, a prisoner’s cruel and unusual garb, and a farmer busted for swampbusting.

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Short Circuit Episode 005 (3/26/15)

A questionable murder conviction, $60,000 seized from a man never charged with a crime, and an immigrant who may face persecution if she’s deported.

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Short Circuit Episode 004 (3/20/15)

A naughty beer label, censorship on city buses, and a heart-healthy butter substitute that isn't.

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Short Circuit Episode 003 (3/13/15)

An exotic dancing ban, prison guards who ignored sexual abuse, and a successful (!) ineffective-assistance claim. Subscribe today to receive Short Circuit, a weekly email roundup of important decisions from the U.S. Courts of Appeal. It’s a Friday afternoon treat for the legal world. ij.org/short-circuit

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