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The Institute for Justice produces original research and its legal experts write reports to inform public policy debates on economic liberty. Printed versions of many of these publications are also available in our online store


Economic Liberty Studies

Streets of Dreams: How Cities Can Create Economic Opportunity by Knocking Down Protectionist Barriers to Street Vending
By Erin Norman, Robert Frommer, Bert Gall and Lisa Knepper
July 2011

The Power of One Entrepreneur - Dennis Ballen
By Booker Stallworth
July 2010

The Power of One Entrepreneur - Kim Powers Bridges
By Michael Burgin
July 2010

The Power of One Entrepreneur - Hector Ricketts
By Robert Heisler
July 2010

The Power of One Entrepreneur - Thane Hayhurst
By Paul K. Harral
July 2010


Blooming Nonsense: Experiment Reveals Louisiana's Florist Licensing Scheme as Pointless and Anti-Competitive
By Dick Carpenter, Ph.D. 
March 2010

      Bureaucratic Barbed Wire: How Occupational Licensing Fences Out Texas Entrepreneurs
By Wesley Hottot
October 2009

      The Power of One Entrepreneur - Melony Armstrong
By Dick M. Carpenter II PhD and John K. Ross
October 2009

Regulatory Field: Burdensome Laws Strike
Out Chicago Entrepreneurs

By Elizabeth Milnikel and Emily Satterthwaite
May 2009

Designed to Exclude: How Interior Design Insiders Use Government Power to Exclude Minorities & Burden Consumers
By David E. Harrington & Jaret Treber
Kenyon College
February 2009

Designed to Mislead:  How Industry Insiders Mislead the Public About the Need for Interior Design Regulation
by Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D.
September 2008


Misinformation & Interior Design Regulation: How the Interior Design Cartel's Attack on IJ's Designing Cartels Misses the Mark
by Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D.
July 2008

Designing Cartels: How Industry Insiders Cut Out Competition
by Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D.

A Dream Deferred: Legal Barriers to African Hairbraiding Nationwide
by Valerie Bayham

Slaughter-House Cases

City Studies: 10 Studies on Barriers to Entrepreneurship

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