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Chip Mellor
President and General Counsel

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“The Institute for Justice has become a major pillar of our free society.  In area after area–economic liberty, school choice, private property rights–it has provided legal defense against assaults on human freedom.  In the process, it has strengthened and deepened liberty.”
—Nobel Laureate Dr. Milton Friedman

Only with the shared passionate commitment to liberty and generosity of individuals like you can we continue to make the case for liberty in the courts of law and the court of public opinion nationwide. 
We accept no government funds, but with your support we will continue to offer a real alternative in the battle to protect individual rights and limit the scope of government.  Through our cutting-edge strategic litigation, aggressive media outreach, and highly effective training programs, your contribution supports the most effective organization in fighting the ever-encroaching arm of government.
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Your support is essential.  Arrayed against us are adversaries with enormous financial coffers.  The National Education Association, the AFL-CIO, other special interest groups, and state and federal government all have a stake in defeating our efforts and maintaining the status quo. 

Institute for Justice supporters receive our bi-monthly newsletter, Liberty & Law, as well as periodic updates and status reports on our cases.  Supporters also receive invitations to Institute for Justice events as they occur throughout the country. 
The Institute for Justice is a 501(c)(3) organization; contributions are tax-deductible. Our tax ID# is 52-1744337


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