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“. . .William Mellor, an outspoken opponent of Legal Services Corporation and president of the Institute for Justice in Washington, said, 'The cure for poverty is not more federal money.”
—(Akron, Ohio) Beacon Journal

The tragic legacy of the welfare system's last 30 years can be seen across the nation. Shattered families headed by single mothers, desolate communities where the work ethic has been replaced by dependency, and an unresponsive bureaucracy all indict the welfare status quo. Despite widespread recognition of these problems, there are no easy answers. Effective reform will come only through bold experiments in states and localities throughout America.

In addition to defending innovative welfare reform programs that help people from dependency to self-sufficiency, the Institute for Justice litigates on behalf of private charities and religious organizations to protect the vital role they play in addressing the myriad social problems confronting America. From drug abuse to family dissolution, government programs have revealed a bankruptcy that underscores the need for a private sector response. Yet as this need grows, we see government frustrating private and religious efforts. This government interference may come in the form of licensing and credentialling laws, zoning requirements, or tax policy, but regardless of the particulars in a given instance, all have the effect of stifling nongovernmental solutions.

In every case we take on, we maximize the opportunity to educate the public about the need for private, nongovernmental problem-solving institutions and the essential role these organizations play in restoring civil society.

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