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FL: Tell Your County Commissioner to Support Sarasota’s Food Trucks!

When it comes to bad vending laws in the United States, Sarasota County, Fla., takes the cake (and all the other good eats, too). In the world of mobile vending, some

Tell Congress to Pass Civil Forfeiture Reform

Civil forfeiture is a legal tactic that allows police and prosecutors to seize cars, homes, and cash. Property owners don’t have to be convicted of a crime to lose their

FL: Help Miami’s Street Vendors Achieve their American Dream

  Esther Ochoa, Miami street vendor Esther Ochoa came to the Unites States to escape political persecution in her native Venezuela. Lacking capital and a knowledge of English, she took to selling

MO: Rally to Save North Side St. Louis

Save Northside St. Louis Save North Side STL, an organization dedicated to saving 47 homes on the north side of St. Louis from eminent domain, is asking the National Geospatial Intelligence

Censorship Alert

Wall murals often serve to brighten neighborhoods and bring underutilized spaces to life. But many local governments frown upon this form of speech as they feel the art is sometimes

NJ: Eminent Domain Abuse in Atlantic City

Charlie Birnbaum’s parents—both immigrants and survivors of the Holocaust—left him many things: a love of this country, a deep passion for music and a home right near the boardwalk in

Host You Own Event During National School Choice Week

Host Your Own Event During National School Choice Week National School Choice Week is quite the event. Actually, it’s quite the 9,500-plus events. From January 24 to 30, 2016, parents and students

IN: Indiana Law Requires Brewhouses to Serve Hot Dogs and Milk

It’s time for Indiana to update its laws and allow entrepreneurs an opportunity to make and sell the products that they actually specialize in.

IL: University Wants to Push Out Family Businesses

Take action now: Join us on February 5th, 2015for a Community Candlelight Vigil6pm-7pmRemarks at 6:30pmMeet at 5600 N. Kimball AvenueChicago, IL 60659   Read the coalition letter urging the board of trustees to build on

Support Braiding Freedom

I'm standing up for natural hair braiders’ right to earn an honest living. 

IL: Legalize Food Carts in Chicago

Did you know that sidewalk vendors are not allowed to sell any food other than raw, uncut produce or frozen desserts in Chicago? That means no fruit salad, no corn

End Policing for Profit

Sign the petition to stop policing for profit! The cops in Bal Harbour, Fla., have been partying with your stuff. The police department there spent $21,000 on an “anti-drug beach bash.”

MI: Help Protect Masters-Level Psychologists

Psychologists with doctoral degrees are attempting to eliminate masters-level psychology in Michigan in order to protect their industry from competition. This is bad for consumers and bad for Michigan. Voice your

Help End Eminent Domain Abuse, Roll Back the Kelo Decision

In February, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Private Property Rights Protection Act (PRPA). . . again. And it again sits before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, which has

TN: Music Lessons Are Illegal In Music City, and That’s Not All

In February, the City of Nashville destroyed 63-year-old Pat Raynor’s home-based salon and her livelihood. Nashville is one of only a few cities in the country that prohibits home-based businesses

CA: Help Us Root Out Harmful Laws in San Francisco

San Franciscan Kimberly Conley breaks the law every day when she stores her bicycle in her garage. According to Chapter 6 of the San Francisco Housing Code, “Private and public

Taxicabs = 21st Century Technology with 19th Century Regulations

The transportation industry has seen a staggering amount of innovation in recent years, thanks to hard-working and thoughtful entrepreneurs. But regulators and cartels are pumping the brakes. Whether it’s banning

NY: It’s Time to Legalize Airbnb in New York City

Short-term rental sites like Airbnb have taken off. These sites allow people to rent out their homes, apartments (or even castles) for short periods. It’s a win-win. Homeowners and renters can earn

Join the Fight to Stop Eminent Domain Abuse!

Eminent domain is for public use - things like roads and schools - but all too often, cities team up with their developer friends to condemn perfectly fine homes and

Support Front Yard Vegetable Gardens

Orlando, Fl., couple, Jason and Jennifer Helvenston Orlando protest yard sign Can the government prohibit you from peacefully and productively using your own property to feed your family? The city of Miami

FL: Help Bring Food Trucks to the Streets of Miami!

Miami’s laws make it impossible for food trucks to operate outside of special events. The city prohibits trucks from parking in public parking lots and metered and unmetered parking spaces.

CA: Open Los Angeles’s Streets to Vending

In Los Angeles, the city that brought us the food-truck revolution, traditional sidewalk vending is illegal—turning aspiring entrepreneurs into criminals. All that these vendors want to do is earn an

The Nationwide Assault on Food Trucks and Street Vendors

Email us for a free "Legalize Street Food" or "Legalize Street Vending" sticker Love food trucks and street vendors? So do we. But unfortunately, some brick-and-mortar restaurants and establishments view the

NJ: Free the Garden State Food Trucks

 Email us for a free "Legalize Street Food" sticker It’s tough to be a food-truck entrepreneur in New Jersey. Anti-competitive and burdensome laws make it nearly impossible to operate in many

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