Act Now to Legalize Street Food!

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Act Now to legalize street food!

Wondering what you can do to help food trucks in your city? Here are three simple things you can do to advocate for vending freedom:

  1. Tweet at your local politicians that you support economic liberty for food-truck entrepreneurs. Use one of the sample tweets below!
  2. Help your city free the food trucks by emailing Food-Truck Freedom: How to Build Better Food Truck Laws in Your City and Seven Myths and Realities about Food Trucks: Why the Facts Support Food Truck Freedom to your city mayor and councilmembers.
  3. Spread the word about the need to legalize street food by sharing IJ’s “Game of Food Trucks” video with your family and friends.
  4. Visit a local food truck and post a picture of the deliciousness using #freethefoodtrucks on Instagram.
  5. Follow the Institute for Justice on Twitter and Facebook to keep in the loop!
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