IJ's Food Freedom Initiative

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IJ's Food Freedom Initiative

IJ's National Food Freedom Initiative is a nationwide campaign that will bring property rights, economic liberty and free speech challenges to laws that interfere with the ability of Americans to produce, market, procure, and consume the foods of their choice.  IJ has filed three cases to inaugurate the initiative.  

Through these and future cases, IJ’s National Food Freedom Initiative will end unreasonable and intrusive governmental interference with our food choices and usher in real food freedom for all Americans.  


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Minnesota Cottage Foods





Florida Vegetable Gardens

The first case in IJ's Food Freedom Initiative is a property rights challenge to a ban on front-yard vegetable gardens in Miami Shores, Fla.   IJ is challenging that ban on behalf of Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll, a married couple who grew vegetables on their own property for their own consumption for nearly two decades before Miami Shores officials ordered them to tear up the very source of their sustenance.  Learn more about their case at:  www.ij.org/FlVeggies.



Oregon Raw Milk

The second is a free speech challenge to Oregon’s ban on the advertisement of raw —or unpasteurized—milk.  It is legal for small farmers in Oregon to sell raw milk, but they are flatly forbidden from advertising it.   IJ is challenging this ban under the First Amendment on behalf of farmer Christine Anderson of Cast Iron Farm.  Learn more about Christine’s case at:  www.ij.org/ORMilk


Minnesota Cottage Foods

The third is an economic liberty challenge to severe restrictions on “cottage food” producers in Minnesota.  The state allows entrepreneurs to make certain inherently safe foods, such as baked goods, in home kitchens, but it:  (1) prohibits the sale of such homemade foods anywhere other than farmers’ markets and community events; and (2) limits revenues to $5,000 annually, which averages only $96 per week.  IJ is challenging these restrictions under the Minnesota Constitution on behalf of cottage food entrepreneurs Jane Astramecki from Farmington, Minn. and Mara Heck from Minnestrista, Minn.  Learn more about their case at:www.ij.org/MNCottageFoods.

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