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Our Issues

  • School Choice

    School choice is simply the idea that all parents, regardless of means, should enjoy the freedom to choose what schools their children attend.

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  • Economic Liberty

    The right to earn a living in the occupation of your choice without unnecessary government interference is at the heart of the American Dream.

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  • First Amendment

    We seek to defend the free flow of information—information that is indispensable to our democratic form of government and to our free enterprise economy.

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  • Private Property

    Respecting the right of private property is essential to a just and prosperous society. But government at all levels—local, state and federal—routinely infringe on these rights.

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IJ By the Numbers

4 Litigation Pillars

  • Economic Liberty
  • Property Rights
  • School Choice
  • Free Speech


  • 86% from individuals
  • 14% from foundations

5 U.S. Supreme Court cases since 2002, including 4 victories

IJ is currently litigating 42 cases in 24 states and Washington, D.C.

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7 offices

95 employees, including 43 attorneys



920 Partners giving $1,000 or more each year

Over 8,000 individual donors

= 25 donors

$20 million budget in FY15

FY14 Budget Breakdown

82%: Programs
10%: Management
8%: Development

75 legislative reforms secured

40 national awards for communications


Success Rate

Through litigation and legislation

IJ strategic research cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and in 162 articles in scholarly, law, and policy publications.

59 eminent domain projects stopped by IJ activism


  • The Sparkle Bar: A Celebration Of Entrepreneurship, Ingenuity, & Liberty

    With IJ’s help, Arizona’s first storefront makeup studio, The Sparkle Bar—the long-held dream of entrepreneurs and makeup artists, Leiah Scheibel & Alexandra Bradberry—opened last night in Oldtown Scottsdale.  

  • Behind the Scenes at Nevada School Choice Press Conference

    IJ client Liz Robbins addresses the media at the launch of IJ’s intervention in the case.

  • Legislative Victory from Chicago

    The Committee on License and Consumer Protection held a hearing and voted for the street vendor ordinance to pass!

  • In Bowling Green Today

    Case launch press conference in Bowling Green OH

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