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September 15, 2014
Come and Take It
Libertarians fight for people whose property was seized by the police ...   More

September 15, 2014
Washington Post
Ensuring that laws remain “rational” when enforced
In Heffner v. Murphy, the Institute for Justice is challenging the rationality of several restrictions ...   More

September 12, 2014
After Cops Seized and Kept Cash, Washington, D.C. Settles Almost Million-Dollar Forfeiture Class Action
Washington, D.C. paid $855,000 to settle a class action filed by property owners who argued that the city’s policy of seizing and taking their cash violated their constitutional rights ...   More

September 10, 2014
Weld for Birmingham
The law says “Do Not Pass Go”
Both sides in what some are calling the “teeth-whitening monopoly case” went to court last week ...   More

September 10, 2014
Real Clear Policy
Milwaukee's Taxi Monopoly Comes Crashing Down
For too long, the cab and limo industries have employed political cronyism and protectionist regulation to fend off competitors ...   More

September 9, 2014
Washington Post
They fought the law. Who won?
Many drivers faced a long ordeal in court to try to get their money back from police ...   More

September 9, 2014
Philadelphia Daily News
Homeowners ask for suspension of city's civil-forfeiture program
The lawyers who filed a class-action lawsuit last month ...   More

September 9, 2014
Game Politics
Exploring The Psychology Of Civil Forfeiture Through Video Games
Civil Asset Forfeiture is the process by which law enforcement can seize private property ...   More

September 8, 2014
Bringing Carolene Products up to date?
Much of the modern history of civil rights law finds its origin in a famous footnote in a 1938 Supreme Court decision ...   More

September 8, 2014
Washington Post
Police intelligence targets cash
Reports on drivers, training by firm fueled law enforcement aggressiveness ...   More